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Inside my mothers day card

These are the prints
You’ve often seen before,
On the kitchen wall
And bathroom door,
Those you quickly washed away,
These you’ll save for a future day.
For they will remind you
When I’m big and tall
That once I was little
And my hands were small.
Happy Mothers’s Day Mummy, I love you!

(how cute)

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Do you have a Tiny Taster?

Little Dish are looking for 6 new Tiny Tasters to join our taste testing panel. To apply, please visit our Tiny Tasters app on the left at

To enter, parents will need to submit photos of their children eating and complete a simple application form.

I have applied . It looks like a fantastic opportunity.  Good luck all.





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Its not fair…………Where did my baby time go?

As today is Alex’s 2nd birthday I find myself feeling very lost. Where did my baby time go?


To Alex
I was very much looking forward to meeting you as I had 2-3 sessions of flu through my pregnancy and just wanted that first cuddle, even though it was funny watching you kick the remote off my big belly. You even managed to arrive on time as the 23rd was my due date.

alexnewborn 300x225 Its not fair…………Where did my baby time go?

We were really worried they your big sister would find it hard to share her parents but she has been wonderful. I know she loves you with all her heart and will always protect you with every fibre of the being. She knows that both of you are very special and both of you are very loved.

amber meeting alex 300x225 Its not fair…………Where did my baby time go?100 0996 2 300x225 Its not fair…………Where did my baby time go?

You show us a little more of your character every day. You love music and dancing and play with toys far more than your sister. You have a big love for trains which has to be genetic as your daddy and grandpa are very pleased you are following their example. You love getting messy and I am sure you have lots more muddy puddles to play in. This year we did wellie watch as you decided to wear your wellies all day long even at home. (We had to hide them so you couldn’t wear them to go somewhere special). You got up to over 23 consecutive days.

bug wellies Its not fair…………Where did my baby time go?


I am looking forward to all the special time I have to spend with you but please don’t be in such a big hurry to grow up and remember to give your mum a big hug.  I am sorry if you catch me shedding to odd tear on your birthday, next year I will try harder to be a good girl and stop driving my poor husband around the bend.

P9030133 Its not fair…………Where did my baby time go?

 Happy Birthday Alex



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An amazing Christmas

PC250051 150x150 An amazing Christmas

Racing raindeer

PC220024 An amazing Christmas

PC250046 An amazing ChristmasPC250055 300x224 An amazing Christmas

We have out first Christmas at home and not bouncing between the alternate in-laws. PC250048 An amazing Christmasit was lovely.

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I won a Love2read book through Pushchair Trader. see

I was very interested in this product as My son Alex is starting to be interested in character books and I wanted to introduce him to something other than Thomas the tank engine or Waybaloo.

Love2read books combine key words with photos to bring reading to life for your child. I uploaded my chosen photos and changed the text to fit in with my topic. I opted for the topic of my family (because I am also interested in researching my family tree).

Also it was nice to change the cover colour to red as I have noticed that Alex playes with his red toys much more than any other.  Alex loves seeing his family in a book and points towards relatives and names them. Soon I am sure he will start to be familiar with the starting letters the their names.

PC080002 Love2read

Alex and Daddy

PC080001 Love2read

Alex and Daddy

I found the website easy to follow and would recommend the finished product. Overall I would give love2read the following….

Ease of use 9/10 (yes I could turn the pages)
Value for money 10/10  (at first I thought it was a bit costly however the book is well worth it).
Quality 8/10
Overall total 9/10

I would like to day a big Thank you from both me and Alex.  If you would like your own book please visit


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Halloween Thank You

PA300312 150x150 Halloween Thank YouPA310330 150x150 Halloween Thank You

PA240286 150x150 Halloween Thank You








PA310319 Halloween Thank You



My daughter was very successful on Halloween,

I was so happy for her as she usually cries when no one will open the door.

I  just wanted to say Thank You from the bottom of my heart. You made me a happy mummy.

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Fabulous Stocking ideas with Cherish & Cherubs.


christmas bibs  16878 zoom Fabulous Stocking ideas with Cherish & Cherubs. christmas bag  26513 std Fabulous Stocking ideas with Cherish & Cherubs. blanket 1  56573 std Fabulous Stocking ideas with Cherish & Cherubs. heart red polka  68835 thumb Fabulous Stocking ideas with Cherish & Cherubs.


I have decided to share my top five family stocking choices from Cherish & Cherubs.

My family is defiantly feeling the pinch this Christmas so choosing special vintage gits is a very savvy way in treating your family and friends and they will not have the slightest clue in how much you have spent. (My choices range from £1.95 to £8.95).

My top choices are:-

French knitting doll set

On the top of my list (for Amber age 7) is this lovely French knitting doll set includes all
you need to get started with French knitting including four different wool colours. I loved my knitting doll as a child. It kept me busy dreaming of all the wonderful creations I would be able to make.

Knitting nancy  36586 thumb Fabulous Stocking ideas with Cherish & Cherubs.

Vintage wooden soldier skittles game

For Jamie and Alex (20 months) A vintage wooden soldier skittles game. Perfect to keep both of the out of the kitchen on Christmas day morning. (also this may encourage my lovely husband to keep away from the computer for a few hours).

Soldier skittles  62464 zoom Fabulous Stocking ideas with Cherish & Cherubs.

Vintage style skipping rope

This vintage style skipping rope comes with its own cotton carry bag. Wow Amber needs lots of exercise as she is like a caged animal when kept indoors.

skipping rope  56662 thumb Fabulous Stocking ideas with Cherish & Cherubs.

Heads and Tails card game

The Classic Heads and Tails card game this will entertain both my children it has 576 different pictures.

Heads and tails  25475 thumb Fabulous Stocking ideas with Cherish & Cherubs.

5 and finally for emergency entertainment the……….. Nursery Rhyme Snap Cards.

Snap cards  87994 zoom Fabulous Stocking ideas with Cherish & Cherubs.


What they say:

Cherish & Cherubs is an online shop with a difference, we have sourced and selected a beautiful range of vintage and vintage inspired gifts, clothing, interiors and homewares for children. Each item has been carefully chosen because of its style, quality and charm.

If you want your little ones gifts to have the x-factor this year then you must visit them.  Cherish and Cherubs have gifts for the whole family and have many happy customers.  They also have a Facebook page click here and would love new followers any new promotions will be posted on their Facebook wall.

This post has not been sponsored however I would love to work with cherish and cherubs in the future.



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What did the postman bring?

I was very surprised to find out I was a runner-up in a Facebook competition with the biscuiteers.

I sent off my address without understanding what the prize was.

174576 335438182960 691683 n What did the postman bring?

PA260296 What did the postman bring?

PA260297 What did the postman bring?

Then a couple of days later the post man came. Wow I was so impressed when I opened the beautiful box.

It is such a good idea I have lots of friends that aren’t impressed by flowers and chocolates and would love such a special gift.

The biscuiteers have a lovely website see

Where you can choose from a very wide variety of occasions.

It didn’t Take my daughter long before she was asking me for a taste.

PA260302 150x150 What did the postman bring?

Both of us really enjoyed the lovely treat.

Next time I think I want to try the christmas tree card. hint hint

It’s a lovely idea to get someone a biscuiteer card as a present.

It is hard to find affordable classy gifts for people along with a card on a small budget.

This will definitively impress the most fussiest friend.

I just wanted to say Thank you to the Biscuiteers-Baking-Company for my fantastic treat.


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