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Jumbo Patchwork Play Space


The Jumbo Patchwork Play space comes from Infatanio, for more information visit


506 551 001 Jumbo Patchwork Play Space

Jumbo Patchwork Play Mat is very good quality. Having looked at similar products from other companies,

I can see that others offer inferior products at the same or higher cost.

On smaller mats the child rolls off too easily,

with this play space child can roll about and crawl and they are still on the space

but it’s not too big that it takes over the room. I’m impressed in how well made the mat is.

The characters on the mat are fun colourful and lovable.

The detachable toys can be wiped with a cloth (as most toys) and the space itself is machine washable. The musical detachable toy is just at the right volume

ie loud enough for the child to hear it but quiet enough to not cause annoyance if pressed repeatedly. It is very engaging and has different textures for the baby to feel.

It is handy to put down and very useful especially on laminate flooring.

It doesn’t take up lots of space when folded away.

I was surprised about how much my son enjoys playing on/with the play space. He just loves it.

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Tea party

today tea party 003 150x150 Tea partytoday tea party 005 150x150 Tea partytoday tea party 001 150x150 Tea party






The traditional summer tea party is sometimes overlooked as old or unoriginal. However it can be used to teach your child so many different things.

At a tea party, large or small, a child gets the opportunity to interact with others in a social setting. This is a very important skill that children need to master. It encourages children to say thank you and teaches them when to use such niceties, for example when a child gives you something or when they are given something by another. The actions in a tea party are very repetitive which gives the child more opportunities to learn. You can decide if you want your child to pretend to eat or drink or if you want to introduce small pieces of food and water.

Extra questions can also be introduced,  i.e. Asking your child to “find me something red”  (more colours can be introduced as your child progresses and grows). Or “Find me something big or small”  Or “can you put all the blue cups together.”

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What we did this summer

Camping is a brilliant way to teach your child about the world in which they live, and dressing up is a fun way to show them how different cultures dress as well as a way to just have some fun so what happens when you combine the two???

Lots and lots of family fun.

Don’t forget to dress up too!  When we went camping for our summer holiday  (with a big difference) the whole campsite dressed up as pirates. Yes,  pirates. Over 500 people camped in Derbyshire in order to do some Geocaching (high-tech treasure hunting) and have good family fun on a campsite.

photo 5 300x225 Piratemania

If you don’t feel that dressing up in public is for you, then why not try dressing up at home? My son learnt so much that weekend that  I would recommend this activity to anyone.


This post is an entry into the Tots100 Best Western School Holiday competition.

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Geocaching (treasure hunting) is a good family friendly activity that all children seem to love. It can be undertaken all year round but is far more enjoyable in the summer.

There are thousands of hidden treasure boxes (large and small) all around the world. It’s a good way to find new friends and the best parts  of each area of Britain because the treasure boxes tend to be hidden by locals who know what areas are interesting / family friendly to visit.

The caches (treasure boxes) are posted on the internet with relevant information ie is it accessible with a car or do you have to walk to find it, If you do have to walk,  how far and is the terrain pram friendly.

Once you have found the box you can sign a little book to prove you have found it. There maybe coins and small toys that can be removed from the box if you leave something in its place.  Then you hide it in the same place for the next person to find.

More information can be found at It gets you out and about in the countryside and the children have a more interesting time as they focus on the finding of the cashes.

I must warn you it can be addictive and many people have commented that it is a big part of their life.

photo4 Geocaching

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Bold 2in1 Rose Blush & Peony

Bold 2in1 Rose Blush & Peony I have been taking part of a project with the savvy circle I was chosen to review try new Bold 2in1

- long-lasting freshness, even after weeks of storage

home teaser bold2in1 Bold 2in1 Rose Blush & Peony

I received a starter pack A pack of Bold 2in1 Rose Blush & Peony Gel Project handbook with a lot of insider information Market research sheets to survey friends, family and colleagues

To pass on to friends, family and colleagues: Money off coupon

P9110146 Bold 2in1 Rose Blush & Peony

The pack was lovely, and the bold smell was fabulous.

I soon realised that it was very good at cleaning and when drying inside it made the whole house smell lovely.

So I could now recommend bold to my friends and family. As you can see I have given bold some vigorous testing.

P9120167 150x150 Bold 2in1 Rose Blush & Peony

P91201661 Bold 2in1 Rose Blush & Peony

I have posted and tweeted about bold. I enjoyed reading the blog posts and getting involved in this project.

I hope I am chosen for many more projects with Supersavvy. Please see

If you would like to apply and take part in another project. Just click on the link.

Thank You Jess

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Moon Dough Ice cream set


We won a Moon dough Ice cream set from Toys R Us


3  320x240 p8270083 Moon Dough Ice cream set

Amber (age 6) gave Moon dough Ice Cream Sunday set 9/10 as she really enjoyed playing with it. It just lost one point because it’s too crumbly. She really liked the maker and the ice cream scoop. She had lots of fun playing with it.

When I opened the box I was very pleased with the set. Everything had a place and connected together very
easily.  I really liked to feel of the dough it reminded me of my childhood playing at the beach. When I first saw the small bags I was disappointed about how much dough was included however as I worked it onto a ball for a few minutes (as per the instructions) I realized that there was plenty.

My daughter Amber pretended the green dough was mint choc chip, I was very pleased that it was helping her to use her imagination. The dough does crumble but all the similar products make just as much mess.
Also I have the benefit of laminate flooring.

The best thing about moon dough in my opinion was that my daughter was able to mold the dough and it did look as good as the picture on the box.  That is a very rare as many mums will be able to confirm.
gallery Moon Dough Ice cream set

My opinion on Moon Dough Ice cream Sunday set out of 10

Ease of use 7.5/10
Value for money 10/10
Quality 8/10
Overall total 8.5/10